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How to TRANSFER money to the UK from South Africa

How to transfer money to the UK from South Africa

Are you looking for a faster, easier way to transfer money to the UK from South Africa? With FX Paymaster online, you can now transfer money to over 100 destinations online. In fact, transferring money to the UK has never been easier, cheaper or faster. How to transfer money to the UK from South Africa?

How to transfer money to New Zealand from South Africa

Transfer money to New Zealand with FX Paymaster

Are you looking for a better way to transfer money to New Zealand from South Africa? Every year, thousands of South Africans emigrate to New Zealand in search of new opportunities and a better lifestyle. Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of people transfer their money to New Zealand safely and securely. We understand how

Seeing is believing, FX Paymaster Demo Account reveals new saving opportunities for SME’s

Business currency transfers | Best Exchange Rates South Africa

Get the best exchange rates on your Business Currency Transfers In life, there are very few things you get to test out before committing besides of course test driving a car and in most cases even when you do that, you’ll need to have the sales person with you at all times. At FX Paymaster,

Choose the right currency partner for your business

Choose the right currency partner for your business

Transfer money online to get the best exchange rates If your South African business imports or exports products, then chances are you need to make regular international money transfers. Speak to the currency experts FX Paymaster.  Buying and transferring foreign currencies can be overwhelming and expensive especially if you are using the bank to transfer

Forward Contract, and their success secrets revealed!

FX Paymaster is an international currency specialist based in South Africa

SME’s secret weapon to international payments:  Forward Contracts If your business makes or receives international payments, you should be using forward contracts. SME’s are not aware of forward contracts and its usually because they are either afraid to commit to the rate, they don’t understand how forward contracts work or  because they may not have

Four Factors Shaping the Future of International Payments

The international payment landscape is evolving rapidly. These days, customers demand simple products, better rates, lower costs & increased transparency, not to mention efficient customer service. These are things that banks have always struggled to provide. Real Time Payments Businesses want the ability to move money around the world faster. In countries like the UK,

Traditional banks need the Fintech Industry To Create Better Payment Solutions

The global economy is constantly growing and evolving, why then have the traditional banking system not upgraded to meet the changing the needs of customers? Many businesses are expanding their international interests through import and export activities. Unfortunately, the systems and infrastructure used to support this global interconnectivity and these cross-border transfers is decades old.

SA’s leading payment provider fx paymaster is revolutionising the payment space

If you’ve been following fx paymaster’s journey over the last four years, you’ll be aware of their unwavering commitment to revolutionise the South African payment market. fx paymaster driving change with new FIXED pricing model Money transfers should be quick and easy according to fx paymaster and transaction fees and charges should be 100% fair

How does fx paymaster compare to local banks?

fx paymaster is on a mission to bring fair and transparent pricing to the South African payment market. Most SME’s still use the bank to transfer funds abroad and pay foreign suppliers, despite the hefty fees and poor exchange rates. But its not the only option! fx paymaster outperforms local banks, see how they do

SA Importers are leaving millions on the table for banks.

Thousands of South African importers all over the country are paying foreign suppliers and without realising it, leaving millions on the table, which banks are scooping up. The main problem is consumer awareness. At fx paymaster, we’re on a mission to bring fair and transparent pricing to the market. We knew when we started this

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