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Personal Transfers with FX Paymaster

Secure, swift transfers and excellent rates for your Business.

One of the biggest pain points for South African SMEs making international payments is the high cost associated with traditional banking methods. Banks often apply a hefty markup to the exchange rate and impose various additional fees, which can drastically inflate the cost of your foreign payments. See how our relationship with Capitec Bank and investment in technology enables us to substantially reduce international payment costs for SA businesses.

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Save time & money on your personal transfers with FX Paymaster.

Dealing with personal international transfers can be complex and confusing. At FX Paymaster, we take away the uncertainty. We’re not just about offering competitive exchange rates and low fees. We’re about providing guidance, support and a reassuring hand throughout your journey. You can trust us to be there every step of the way, making the process as easy and transparent as possible. 

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How it works, it's very simple

Transfer money online in 3 easy steps

Our services are designed to support both you and the bank.

We sit between the client and the bank and are here to help you save time and money

We use technology to improve the flow of information between client and bank.

Transfer Money faster and easier with FX Paymaster,

Innovative payment technology for speed, convenience and security.

Using technology, we’re able to simplify things, save clients time and effort and enhance security. This makes life easier for everyone. Our platform has been designed around our clients’ needs and sits at the core of the services we offer. It connects directly to the bank so customers can trade and make payments with absolute confidence.

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Secure and regulated

Established in 2015, FX Paymaster is an authorised Foreign Exchange Intermediary. We are never primary to any transactions which means that all deals are executed directly with an Authorised Dealer Bank in the name of the customer.

FX Paymaster is an Authorised Financial Services Provider: FSP – 46213 regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA).

FX Paymaster is authorised and regulated
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Join Julian, make the switch today

Like many business owners, Julian was tired of hidden fees and overpriced transfers. He made the switch to FX Paymaster and hasn’t looked back since. He now enjoys fair, transparent pricing and saves significant time and money on his international payments. Setting up an account took less than 10 minutes. Join Julian and start your journey towards cost-effective international payments today

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