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Week 37 – Could Inflation Be Worse Than Covid-19 For The Currency Markets?

OVERVIEW Inflation is giving global economies, central banks as well as consumers an extremely tough time, constantly sparking recession fears. u.s and sa markets The Dollar has already seen a high of R17.68/$ this morning, levels last seen in August 2020 during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. The greenback is high in demand and

Week 36 – Could R18.00 to the U.S Dollar possibly be on the cards?

OVERVIEW Uncertainty continues to reign globally, with rising global inflation battering economies. Emerging economies such as the Rand are experiencing the backlash as capital outflows increase and investments reduce. Traders need to accept that the R17’s/$ and R17’s/EUR are the new trading grounds, and R18.00/$ is not too far-fetched for the few months to come.

Week 35 – The Dollar Sees A 20-Year High Ahead Of The US Non-Farm Payrolls Data.

overview The greenback gained extensively in the markets against major peers this week as investors are bracing themselves for the U.S jobs data. If the jobs data is pleasing, this will give the Fed more reason to hike interest rates u.s and sa markets All eyes will be on the U.S as we are due

Week 34 – Jackson Hole Economic Symposium Takes Market Attention

overview This week major markets traded side-ways against the rand till Wednesday. The much anticipated Jackson Hole Economic Symposium started on Thursday and the comments of participants contributed to a lot of volatility in the market. The rand has so far strengthened against the USD, EURO and Pound but with FED Reserve Chair Jerome Powell

Week 32- The Dollar Suffered Major Losses After U.S Inflation Declined.

OVERVIEW The Dollar saw its biggest decline in five months after inflation in the U.S dropped to 8.5% from 9.1% in June. This has since left investors with alot of uncertainty as to whether the Fed will maintain an agressive stance with their next interest rate decision. u.s and sa markets The U.S released their

Week 31- The Dollar and Major Currencies Lose Ground Ahead Of U.S Jobs Data

overview The Dollar and major currencies lost strength against the Rand in the past 2 days after weak initial jobless claims was released in the U.S. Anticipation has risen on how the non-farm payrolls will perform later this afternoon and will determine how the markets will move in the coming week. u.s and s.a markets

Week 26- Investors Run To The Dollar As A Safe Haven.

OVERVIEW Investors turn to the Dollar for comfort after Fed chair Powell’s aggressive stance at the ECB’s forum. u.s and sa markets The Dollar has made a strong comeback in the markets this week and we can only see the greenback gaining exponentially against other currencies. This comes after the Central Banks Fed chairman Jerome

Week 25- Recession Fears Lead to Reduced Volume In the Currency Market.

OVERVIEW Recession is on all investors minds and has caused a rift in the markets this week, trading side-ways with little volatility. Central Banks stay head on to raise interest rates in order to tackle inflation despite global growth woes. u.s and sa markets The Dollar market has been choppy this week as recession fears

Week 24- U.S Fed Delivers Biggest Interest Rate Hike in 28 Years.

OVERVIEW The Federal Reserve Bank of America raised their interest rates by 75 basis points on Wednesday. This is the biggest rate hike since 1994. Although the Fed has made one of the biggest moves to curb inflation, they are now faced with the reality of a recession as fears ripple through the markets. U.S

Week 23 – Rand Strength across the board ahead of U.S inflation

OVERVIEW The Rand has strengthened tremendously against major pairs this week, ahead of U.S inflation today. The Core CPI will be key for next week’s FED interest rate decision. Dollar weakness has been seen across the board and we are yet to see how investors digest inflation data. U.S AND SA MARKETS The U.S has

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