Save money when you send funds abroad.

When sending money overseas, even a small change in the rate can make a big difference to the amount you receive on the other side. That’s why it’s so important to get the best exchange rate on your transfer.

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Personal Transfers with FX Paymaster

We’re here to make sure your money goes further and faster.

Our foreign payment service is designed to help you access better exchange rates and low transfer fees. If you’re buying property abroad, emigrating, investing overseas or just sending money to a loved one, we can help you get more for your money.

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How it works, it's very simple

Transfer money online in 3 easy steps

Great rates, simple service and fast online payments.

Our expert team will monitor the market on your behalf and help you pick the best time to transfer your funds. 

  • Transfer funds quickly & easily online.
  • Secure the rate in advance.
  • Great exchange rates & low transfer fees.
  • No Commission
  • Let us monitor the rates for you.
  • Expert guidance, advice and support whenever you need it.
  • Assistance with Tax Clearance Certificates & SARB approvals.
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A far better way to send money abroad.

It’s time you started getting the Service, Support and Pricing you deserve. 

Our target market send up to R10M / yr.

A Secure Bank Account in Your Name

View Live Exchange Rates Online

Fast Payment Processing

Fast, Easy Online Dealing

Simple Document Management Online

Exchange Rate Monitoring Service

Tailored Advice & Guidance

Direct Dealing Desk Access

Dial in Market Orders

Help with Tax Clearance Applications 

Help Preparing International Payments

Document & Payment Checking Service 

Regular Payment Status Updates

Transparent Pricing / No Hidden Fees

Average Transfer Fee / Payment

Avg. Margin Added to the FX Rate

Typical Bank


Client Dependent

R600 – 1,200

2 – 3%

FX Paymaster

















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