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Transferring money can be slow and expensive depending on who you use. Using our own technology, we plug directly into our partner banks. This gives customers the ability to book deals, manage beneficiaries and submit payment instructions from anywhere.  

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How it works

We use technology to simplify and improve the way people and businesses make international payments.

Fixed fees, 0.5% and R 250 for business payments

It’s not uncommon for some banks to add 2 – 3 % onto the exchange rate when making foreign payments. Our business customers enjoy a fixed margin of 0.5% and only pay R 250 to transfer funds abroad. 

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Your questions, answered

Is FX Paymaster right for me?

FX Paymaster’s online platform lets you make and receive foreign payments quickly & easily. Our rates and fees are 100% fair & transparent – which means you’ll never pay more than you should to transfer funds. You can use our services to pay foreign invoices, buy stock, pay employees or make foreign investments.

You can also use our online platform to make personal foreign exchange transfers, however you’ll need to create a separate personal account to do so.

How competitive are the FX Rates?

Some banks add around 2 – 3 % onto the exchange rate and charge between R600 – R1,200 in transfer fees.

We have relationships in place with particular banks. Based on the volume of currency we move, we’re able to negotiate preferential rates and offer business clients a fixed margin of 0.5 % and R 250 in transfer fees. 

Are there any fees or charges to open an account?

No, opening an account is completely free and there’s no obligation to make a transfer. 

Once you have completed the online application form and we have verified your information, we’ll open a free bank account in your name at our partner bank. You’ll use this account to settle any transactions you book online.