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The forex market moves constantly, so it’s important to have the ability to transact quickly. With FX Paymaster online, you can make fast international payments quickly and easily from anywhere. When it comes to our payment platform we are constantly evolving. This means you’ll always have access to the best solution in the market regardless of how many payments you make. 

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Fixed fees, 0.5% and R 250 for business payments

It’s not uncommon for banks to add 2 – 3 % onto the exchange rate when making foreign payments. Our business customers enjoy a fixed margin of 0.5% and only pay R 250 to transfer funds abroad. We’ve standardised our pricing because we believe in fair and transparent pricing, a first for the industry. 

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Trusted by thousands of South African business owners

“Switching to FX Paymaster was one of the smartest things we have ever done. Using the bank to move money was frustrating. We knew money was being left on the table. Moving to FX Paymaster was extremely easy, their support team walked us through the online registration process, and we had our whole account up and running in 24hrs”  

Julian P – Managing Director

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Creating a free Live Account online is easy! Simply click the button below to register and we’ll send you an email to verify your details. To activate your international payment account, you’ll need to login and complete a short online profile which takes about 10 minutes.

Once you’ve submitted your application and uploaded your FICA, our team will review your details and submit everything to the bank for processing. It usually takes around 24hrs to open your business account, but it may take a bit longer if we’re experiencing high demand. 

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Your questions, answered

Is FX Paymaster right for me?

FX Paymaster’s online payment platform lets you make and receive foreign payments as easily as you do locally. Our rates and fees are 100% fair & transparent – which means you’ll never pay more than you should to transfer funds. You can use it to pay invoices, buy stock, pay employees or make foreign investments.

You can also use our online payment platform to make personal foreign exchange transfers, however you’ll need to create a separate personal account to do so.

How does FX Paymaster compare to banks?

If you are dealing directly with a bank to transfer money, then chances are you are overpaying. Most banks add around 2 – 3 % onto the exchange rate and charge between R600 – R1,200 in transfer fees. At 0.5 % and R 250, our pricing is significantly better than this.

What is a Demo to Live account?

A Demo to Live account is a free trial account which allows you to explore our platform without the commitment or obligation of signing up.

It’s a great way for new customers to learn about online payments and compare our pricing against the bank. 

You can create a Demo Account online in less than 20 sec, its completely free and there’s no obligation to convert your account to a Live Payment Account.   

How do I convert to a Live Payment Account?

You can convert your Demo Account to a Live Payment Account at any stage by clicking on the ‘Profile’ icon on the dashboard and following the steps required to complete the sign-up process.

Completing your online profile is really straightforward and only takes about 10 minutes. To activate your account, we will need to verify your identity and may need to confirm some additional details with you.

Are there any fees or charges to open an account?

No, opening an account is completely free and there’s no obligation to make a transfer. The Demo Account is a great way to explore our platform and compare our pricing to your bank. When you are ready, you can convert your Demo Account into a Live Payment Account by completing your online profile.

When we activate your Live Payment Account, we’ll open a free bank account in your name at our partner bank. You’ll use this account to settle any transactions you book online.