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When sending money overseas, even a small change in the exchange rate can make a big difference to the amount you receive on the other side. That’s why it’s so important to get the best exchange rate on your transfer.

With FX Paymaster Online, you can invest offshore, transfer emigration funds or send money to a family member faster and cheaper than ever before.

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We’re the fastest growing payment provider because we’ve made it possible for customers to move money faster, cheaper & easier than ever before. 

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  • A faster, easier way to send money to the US

  • Bank beating exchange rates

  • Low international transfer fees, only R 250 per payment

  • No hidden fees or commission

  • Transfer USD online quickly and easily

  • Assistance with SARS Tax Clearance Certificates & SARB approvals

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How much can I transfer out of South Africa per year?

Transferring money in and out of South Africa can be overwhelming if you don’t understand the exchange control limits and regulations.

As a South African resident, you can transfer a total of R11 million out of the country each year using your allowances. Taxpayers over the age of 18 who are South African residents are eligible for the following allowances:

  • R1 million single discretionary allowance (no tax clearance required from SARS)

  • R10 million foreign investment allowance (tax clearance required from SARS)

How much will it cost to transfer money to USA from South Africa?

When banks transfer money overseas, they often add as much as 3% on to the exchange rate and charge between R750 – R 1,500 in transfer fees.

Our exchange rates and transfer fees are up to 65% better than this and there are no hidden fees or commissions.

The easiest way to compare our rates is to open a free Demo Account online. We use live exchange rates which update continuously, so you can be sure, you’re getting the real deal.

How long will my international payment to USA take to arrive?

Most international transfers to the United States are completed within a day. For major currencies, we can also make same day delivery payments providing your deal is settled before 12:00 midday. As soon as your payment has been sent to USA, we’ll send you a SWIFT confirmation for the transfer.

Occasionally, foreign payments do take longer than this. We’ll do everything we can to ensure your funds arrive overseas quickly, however we have no control over how quickly the receiving bank processes their transactions.

What is the easiest way to transfer funds from South Africa to USA?

You can make an international payment to America directly through our online payment platform. Once you’ve registered online, you can book your currency and arrange your transfer in a matter of minutes.

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