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South African Exchange Controls?

Transferring money out of South Africa can be overwhelming if you don’t understand the exchange control regulations.  Give us a call to discuss exchange controls, discretionary and investment allowances or if you need to obtain a tax clearance certificate for your transfer.

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A forward contract is an agreement to exchange currency at a future date based on a price agreed today. This is quite simply a buy now pay later solution. Ideal if you want to protect your budget against adverse movements.

A great way to target a particular exchange rate is to use Market Orders. Simply tell us what level you would like to trade at and we’ll put an instruction into the market to trade at that level should the price become available.

FX Products

We can help you manage your foreign exchange exposure

Exchange rates change quickly and can move a large amount in a relatively short period of time. There are many ways to reduce your risk and prevent your payments from escalating in cost. A Forward Contract is a simple and effective tool to consider.

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The best way for SME’s to hedge is to use a Forward Contract. Forward contracts are easy to use, quick to implement and are specifically designed for reducing or eliminating risk on future dated transactions.

It’s a common misconception but the aim of currency hedging is not to second-guess what the exchange rate will do; but rather to protect your transactions against the possibility of adverse movements.

When assessing the true value of your risk, you should estimate how much the exchange rate could move between now and when you need to make a payment, and how that movement could affect the value of your future transaction.